SUV takes plunge in Hawai'i Kai/a>


WPVI.com: Great Burger Challenge in PA

Awesome. 6 lbs of meat.


Fireworks Ignite In Car Killing Man, Burning Another

Not real smart.

San Francisco rolls out the red carpet for the Clintons: "We're going to take things away from you on behalf of the common good"

Tell it like it is.


Yahoo! News - Voters Urged Not to Eat Their Ballots: "The members of the Edible Ballot Society were protesting against what they said was a lack of real choice among candidates. "

Clergymen take religion to a nightclub!

Attention, all of you in Denver....

BBC NEWS | Health | Scans uncover secrets of the womb

Interesting, particularly in light of the voter counts I posted earlier today..

OpinionJournal - Extra

This is truly interesting. It looks at the political impact of missing voters due to abortions.

Yahoo! News - Firefighters Return to Find Station on Fire

DALLAS (Reuters) - Firefighters in a Dallas suburb returned to their station to find a fire started by potatoes they left cooking on a stove, officials said on Friday.

The fire caused about $125,000 in damages to the station in Lancaster, a southern suburb of Dallas, said Fire Marshal Ladis Barr.

The blaze was extinguished late Thursday night with the help of firefighters from other stations. It damaged the kitchen and living area.

Fire officials also wanted to remind the public to make sure not to leave food cooking before stepping out.

The Salt Lake Tribune -- Conformity vs. education:

"... prohibiting students from wearing anti-war T-shirts, out of concern that such displays might provoke violent reactions from pro-war students. "

Iranian woman 'gives birth to frog'

If you say so...


Link to SOTU 2003

My Way News: "Wilson denounced the Bush administration for claiming that Iraq, under Saddam Hussein, had tried to obtain uranium from the African nation of Niger. Wilson went to Niger for the CIA to investigate and he found the allegation, which Bush mentioned in a State of the Union address, to be highly unlikely."

Once again, the record must be set straight for reporters who don't check facts. Bush did not claim that Saddam tried to obtain uranium from Niger.

Here is the quote from the state of the union address in 2003.

The British government has learned that Saddam Hussein recently sought significant quantities of uranium from Africa.

Africa, Niger, whatever.


Moore's Magic: 9/11 Electrifies:

"The purpose of any documentary is to influence opinion."

Actually, a documentary is supposed to be a presentation of fact, not a persuasive speech... but what do facts matter?

Yahoo! News - Wanted: New Friend, Must Have Bluetooth

This is one place I would never have imagined technology ... pretty interesting.

Smokers Die Early, Study Finds

We needed a study for this?

Dogs credited with epilepsy alerts


BBC NEWS | Programmes | Panorama | What is a superdollar?



Yahoo! News - World Photos - AP

Now that's a wave.

New KosherLamp sheds light on a familiar Sabbath dilemma

That's interesting for sure...

WorldNetDaily: Bush to screen population for mental illness



eBay item 5705051251 (Ends Jun-27-04 18:00:00 PDT) - BLOCK THE NEWS TICKER ON YOUR TV

Or you could use duct tape.

Science & Technology at Scientific American.com: Ask the Experts: Chemistry: Why does inhaling helium make one's voice sound strange?

Everyone should know this.

Scientists develop antidote for burping sheep

Cool. I think.

Little blue pill emerges as big seller in Baghdad / Viagra in demand as desire for sex declines amid war:

" 'Viagra sales have at least doubled since the war ended. Lives are not good."

And I wonder what the availability of the little blue pill was before the war, just to make the comparison fair.

Wired News: Heavy Betting on Election Domains:

"Not all domain owners, however, had profiteering in mind when they registered the sites. The website KerryEdwards.com, for example, is actually owned by a man named Kerry Edwards, who registered the site back in 1996. "

The New York Times > Opinion > Op-Ed Columnist: The Zelikow Report

Right. This is what I was trying to point out yesterday.


Yahoo! News - Iraqi Officer Tied to Al Qaeda - 9/11 Commissioner

This article is so deceptive. The commission said that there was no collaboration on the 9/11 attacks. It did NOT say there was no collaboration between Iraq and al Qaeda. In fact, it said the opposite, that they went from enemies, to no relationship, to working together in the interest of acquiring weapons.

"Lehman said the information, contained in 'captured documents,' was obtained after the commission report was written that stated there was no evidence of a 'collaborative relationship' between Iraq and al Qaeda.
Cheney and President Bush (news - web sites) continued to insist that Iraq had ties to al Qaeda after the commission report issued last week found no evidence that Iraq collaborated with al Qaeda. "


WorldNetDaily: The exploitation of Nancy Reagan

Embryonic v. Adult stem cell discussion.

Many doctors decide to practice without insurance



Sunken boat raised by pingpong balls

Now that is cool!


Last night a police insider said: "Cairney is obviously a million miles away from being a criminal mastermind.

Women heard, not seen, at Saudi forum on rights:

"Saudi women were allowed to be heard -- but not seen -- at a three-day forum this week on their status in this conservative Islamic kingdom. "

Cheerleader Accidentally Puts I In "Team"

This has to be a joke.... but it's a funny one.

'Christ' film helps Gibson top Forbes' 'Celebrity 100' list:

"Who says you can't achieve fame and fortune with an independent movie, filmed entirely in Aramaic and Latin? "

Great quote.


"Additionally, the indictment states that Al Qaeda reached an agreement with Iraq not to work against the regime of Saddam Hussein and that they would work cooperatively with Iraq, particularly in weapons development."

(From Nov 6, 1998).


World's largest ball of Paint

Just a few miles from me. Cool! (?)

9/11 Panel: Confusion Hindered Response

I'm not sure how that headline is news... I don't think we needed a "panel" to know this.

Rush and Gorbachev

Now that is a great photo[shop job on Rush's head].

Wired News: Quantum Leap for Teleportation

Hackers unleash mobile phones virus

We enter a new era...


Rules Of Commerce Classify French Fries As Veggies:

"'It's unfathomable to me that, when Congress passed this law in 1930 and used the term 'fresh vegetable,' they ever could have conceived that large food-processing companies could have convinced USDA that a frozen battered french fry fell into that definition,' Elliott said"

Aussies try 'sword control'

What's next, "matches control" or "stone control"?

Doctor Proposes Not Treating Some Lawyers:

" doctor's proposal asking the American Medical Association to endorse refusing care to attorneys involved in medical malpractice cases drew an angry response "


TheNewMexicoChannel.com - News - Man Falls To Death From Helicopter Over Grand Canyon:

"Authorities say the cause of death won't be determined until the body is recovered from White's Butte."

The guy fell 4,000 feet from a helicopter, yet we don't know the cause of death?


Peggy Noonan - Thanks, from a grateful country.


The Children's Museum of Indianapolis

Dinosphere Opening June 11!

Gotta take the kids...

Dog Who Ate Master Looking For A Home

The video caption says it's from NBC's "FeedRoom"... ?

:: John Kerry's Plan to Create 10 Million Jobs ::

John Kerry is unveiling a comprehensive economic agenda that will unleash the productive potential of America's economy to help it create 10 million jobs in his first term as President.

Hmmm... let's see. 10,000,000 over four years. That's 208,000 per month.

This month saw a 248,000 increase. In the last three months the total increase has gone from 130,277,000 to 131,224,000 (947,000 increase). Source.

So the last three months put us on track for over 15 million new jobs in four years... about 50% higher than Kerry is targeting during his tenure.


FOXNews.com - Reagan In His Own Words

Click through for some classic quotes ...

WorldNetDaily: Reagan lauded heroism of D-Day Rangers:

"'It was a deep knowledge - and pray God we have not lost it - that there is a profound, moral difference between the use of force for liberation and the use of force for conquest. You were here to liberate, not to conquer, and so you and those others did not doubt your cause. And you were right not to doubt. "


Stray dog's been hanging around. Finally caught her and trying to find the owner...

'Prisoner' might be too scary for young viewers:

"'For parents who have any idea that their kids are in any way squeamish, for any 6 and below, unless you know your kid has been to these things before -- I would say even 8 is a little young,' says Joanne Cantor, author of 'Mommy, I'm Scared,' a book to help parents deal with their children's media-induced fears. Although Cantor hasn't seen the movie, she has seen the trailer and read the books. And that's enough, she says, to tell her that it's too much for young children."

... "to help parents deal with ... media induced fears." ... interesting perspective on the book. But in addition to a book to help them deal with the fears post facto, how about a book that teaches them responsibility for screening carefully the sensory input with which they're programming their children's young brains.

Great ending to the article: Meanwhile, anybody young enough to be playing on a swingset should probably just do that.

TIME Magazine Rush Limbaugh Interview - The Transcript:

" I think people talk about the red and blue states in terms of the country's partisanship and political population, I think we've got a red and blue media now. I think the days of old media dominance are over. I"

Duxbury schools banish birthday cupcakes:

"Frequent classmate parties once had students consuming numerous unplanned cupcakes each school year. "

... the horror of it ... unplanned cupcakes. At least the school officials in MA are focusing on something important.


Woman Accused of Mouse Soup Stunt :
"'We learned that the mouse died from a fractured skull before it entered the soup,' Cracker Barrel spokeswoman Julie Davis said. In addition, the animal had no soup in its lungs, nor had it been cooked - signs it had been dropped in the soup after its death, she said."

I guess the moral is, if you're going to try to scam Cracker Barrel, at least kill the mouse by boiling it in some soup instead of cracking it on the head.

"Langston Hughes was asking America to 'be America again,' meaning, not an America that history had known and chronicled, but an America realizable in a new and different vision. The land of Marx and Lenin and Stalin. " - William F. Buckley Jr.

Spelling Bee news...

Scripps National Spelling Bee at a Glance:
"Most spellers attend traditional public schools (179). The rest attend home schools (35), private schools (27), parochial (20) or charter schools (four)."

The disproportionately low number of public school members taking part is interesting.... though not surprising I guess.

Also: Yahoo! News - Boy Collapses at Spelling Bee, Nails Word

(btw, the word was alopecoid, according to the news story... want the definition? it's here).

George Soros on National Review Online:

In a statement that apparently was endorced by Hillary (she introduced him glowingly), "Soros said the United States went to war in Iraq on false pretenses, 'because there was no connection between Saddam Hussein and al Qaeda' and 'there were no weapons of mass destruction,' but what he finds 'most galling' is the idea that the United States 'went to war in Iraq for the sake of the Iraqi people.'"

Sir Paul reveals Beatles drug use

And this is news because... ?

Judge: Partial-birth abortion ban illegal

A quote from WSJ's "Best of the Web" about this story:

"Doctors call it intact dilation and extraction but abortion foes refer to it as 'partial-birth abortion.' " How come we get scare quotes around the plain-English term but not around the clinical one? And what do doctors who oppose abortion call it?


New Study: 26% Of Americans Have Mental Illnesses

74% of Americans are sane. Impressive.

You Want Fries with That?:
"Junk foods such as sugary sodas and chips make up nearly one-third of calories in the U.S. diet,"
"You can actually be obese and still be undernourished with regard to important nutrients. We shouldn't be telling people to eat less -- we should be telling people to eat differently."

... as I sit eating gummy worms ...

Studies find exposure to lead more hazardous than thought

Wow... seems like it's not just smoking.

Smoking More Hazardous than Thought

If that's the case, then I'm definitely going to stop thinking.

1 of Every 75 U.S. Men in Prison: "The inmate population continued its rise despite a fall in the crime rate "

Um... I wonder if that sentence could be rearranged to: "The crime rate fell because more criminals are being put in prison."