'Prisoner' might be too scary for young viewers:

"'For parents who have any idea that their kids are in any way squeamish, for any 6 and below, unless you know your kid has been to these things before -- I would say even 8 is a little young,' says Joanne Cantor, author of 'Mommy, I'm Scared,' a book to help parents deal with their children's media-induced fears. Although Cantor hasn't seen the movie, she has seen the trailer and read the books. And that's enough, she says, to tell her that it's too much for young children."

... "to help parents deal with ... media induced fears." ... interesting perspective on the book. But in addition to a book to help them deal with the fears post facto, how about a book that teaches them responsibility for screening carefully the sensory input with which they're programming their children's young brains.

Great ending to the article: Meanwhile, anybody young enough to be playing on a swingset should probably just do that.