Greta, trying to land her first interview with O.J. Simpson: 'O.J., can I have your phone number to call you back? I have to go pick up my husband, and if I'm late, he'll kill me.'


My cat has a broken pelvis. Probably got hit by the trash truck. Why in the world would anyone care if I post this on the web? I still can't figure out why people blog.

Quite an interesting statistic thrown into Ann's usual witty articulation...


If we were able to trick Mexico into taking California back, Los Angeles would have the second largest population of Mexicans in Mexico; only Mexico City would have more.

Okay. My first blog.

Check this out.

Freshly baptized Bill Goodwin.
"The Bible says 'thou shalt not kill' but the original Greek says 'thou shalt not take a judicially innocent life.' Saddam and his men are pretty evil, if they were tried in any court, they would be found guilty," said Goodwin.

The "original Greek"... hmmmm...