Think about this:
Wired News: How Long Is Your Digital Trail?:

"In just the past few years, it's become harder than ever to avoid leaving a digital trail. Gone are the days when you had to make an effort to be on the web. Now, you have to work to stay off it.

If you make your local paper, it doesn't matter if the paper doesn't archive its past issues -- Google's cached pages will do it for you. Your friends blog you, your listservs archive your posts, and online phone directories have your number.

Run your own business? You're online, and your past can find you. Start a wish list -- or a wedding registry -- on a retailer's website? You're online, and your past can find you. If you do anything at all that brings you in contact with the public, whether it's a band gig or a volunteer day with a local charity or getting arrested or writing a blurb in the corporate newsletter, your name is more likely to appear online than not. "